MAN-TRA : a company that is passionate about everything related to well-being and sports in all their forms. As a yoga and meditation enthusiast,  MAN-TRA associates with active partners for whom physical activity and well-being lie at the core of their mission. Fueled by travels MAN-TRA always looks for products coming from all over the world.

MAN-TRA offers clothing and accessories to support your workout and lifestyle. Whether you pratice yoga, running, gym or meditation, we have no doubt that you’re already have committed to your well-being.

The important thing for MAN-TRA is to work with companies that care about their employees’ well-being treating them fairly. With its high-performance premium quality fabrics our clothing selection is consistent in regard to this value.


After working several years in fashion design for Quebec companies, I founded MAN-TRA to offer products that come from all over the world while reflecting my lifestyle.


The MAN-TRA concept was born during a meditation session. Over 20 years ago it came to my life out of necessity and it is now part of my daily life because I feel the necessity. While it is common to think of training our bodies we usually forget about our minds.  To help you keep a healthy spirit in a healthy body, quality clothing & accessories are there to support you when exercising or meditating.

I truly believe in the power of words. MAN-TRA is both universal and secular. “MAN” means thinking and “TRAprotection. It’s a word to repeat,  that reassures us and makes us feel good. To me this seemed to be the ideal company name.

MAN-TRA invites you to move, meditate and tells you that life is beautiful!